Sunday, 13 March 2016

Initial Ideas

When we got told about the EPQ on Wednesday,  my initial thought was maths. It's something that I am really interested in and I want to do later in life. Because for my EPQ I have to do something outside of the curriculum I had to think of something very specific and different. 

At first I thought about doing how big an Impact Mathematicians have on our lives today. But I don't think I could produce the best work I could on that topic, as it is very broad. 

I then started to think about the gender inequality in maths. I thought that this would  be a great thing to research into and discuss. I then realised this might be a bit too specific so I began thinking about the gender inequality in STEM subjects. (Science, Technology,Engineering and Maths) this is very similar but it broadens the topic up a bit.  I am quite passionate about this subject, as I myself do both Maths and Physics which are seen as more 'male' subjects, and there is a gender gap in my classes and I think it would be interesting to research why that it is that way and maybe any ways in which we could close the gap. 

So those are my initial ideas for my EPQ. I will keep you updated on any changes. Please let me know what you think about my ideas so far.